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Beginning Internet & Computer Basics for Adults

The Damascus Library offers beginning computer instruction sessions on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings. These lessons are a starting point to help new users learn to use a computer.


In six weeks or less, you can:

This does NOT mean that you only need to attend six classes. You will need to attend several sessions, but you also need to practice after each session. The practice can be at the Library, or on a computer at your home or a friend's computer. The computer needs to be connected to the internet during the practice sessions.

The instructor will guide you on your journey to computer literacy. You will be given links to sites that will help you learn. When you don't understand something - ask the instructor. The progress you make is yours to decide!

Beginner Tutorials

Links on the left will take you to files used to support the Beginning Computer Tutorials sessions sponsored by the Montgomery County Public Library - Damascus Branch.

Some links on these pages take you to tutorials developed by other libraries. If you discover other sites that you feel are useful, let the instructor know.

Feel free to use these pages on library computers, a home computer, or any that you can access with a connection to the internet. Your rate of learning depends on the time you spend at a computer.

Most companies use the internet to fine job candidates. You will need to have a cover letter and resume to apply for a job. These skills enable you to apply for jobs using the internet.

Get a USB Flash Drive

Why Do I Need a USB Flash Drive?

Graduate School

Hewlett Packard provides many free online courses.
HP Learning center - free online classes

MCPL also provides free access to current books on business and technology: Safari Books Online.
From the MCPL home page, look for "Find Books and More..." Then look for "eBooks and Audio Books". Then, select "Safari Tech Books Online" Safari charges individuals up to $23/month for this access.

Never Too Old for Computers!

Computer Coaching for Seniors Ottawa Canada

For anyone who has heard the negative voice, "I am too old to learn computers", I want you to shake your fist and shout out, NOOOOOO!!!!! If you have a desire to learn, then you are never too old. People in their nineties with no prior computer experience are e-mailing loved ones, using their computer to see pictures of their grandkids and children and surfing the web. If you find your children too impatient to show you, do not despair. You can find many other people willing to teach you; in the library, in the retirement homes, in community courses and even at 2Jour ;). Stop listening to the negative voice and empower yourself with the computer.