Setup a Free Email Account

Set up a free account by filling out one or more forms.

  1. Select an ID that has not been used before.
  2. Select a secure password.
  3. Answer security questions (used if you forget your password).
  4. Solve a CAPTCHA puzzle. (One or more words with distorted text over a busy background).

You will use the user ID and password to sign into your email account.

This page refers only to free email accounts. If you use an email account provided by your ISP (internet service provider), perhaps Comcast, Verizon, NetZero, you need to deal with their control panels and the person who manages the account.

Before You Begin

Before you begin - Give some thought to your user ID. Many are already taken - especially the shorter ones. You can use your name, or something quirky or humorous that won't identify you. If you use your name, it's easier for others to know who you are.
Give some thought about what your email ID says about you.

Select Your User ID

Create a Password

Password Key Possibilities

Answer the Security Questions

Solve the CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA protects websites against bots by generating tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.

Success! Send someone an email.

More password considerations

You may wind up needing passwords for a number of accounts. You may need to change the password several times a year.

How To Create A Good Password That You Will Not Forget

Make Use Of magazine has an excellent article discussing strong passwords. One of the useful references is a site that evaluates the strength of a password as you type it and considers a number of factors: The Password Meter. This site helps you evaluate the strength of a password as you create it.