Get an Email Account

Reasons to have an email account

Exchange email with family and friends

Children, brother, sister, parent, grandchild

Apply for a job

Most applications today will require an email address. Many companies only accept job applications over the internet.

Online shopping

Amazon, Digital Prints, Purchase airline tickets

Share photos

Most cameras sold today are digital cameras which makes it easy to share the photos. The user can then view the picture on the monitor, print to an attached printer or upload to a photo service.

Three choices for an email account

  1. Email from your internet service provider [ISP] (verizon, comcast, etc)
    • Mail from your ISP is saved on your computer.
    • Access your ISP email through a program on your computer - often Outlook or Outlook Express. There is a "webmail" link when you need it.
    • If you change your internet service provider, you will lose the email address. Some of your mail history may be lost.
  2. Free email account (e.g. yahoo, hotmail, gmail)
    • Email from a free account is normally saved on the provider's servers.
    • Access your email from any computer with internet access.
    • The free email account provider takes care of antivirus protection.
  3. Use your work email - if your employer supports it
    • This is usually a bad idea. There is no privacy on an employer's server. Your personal email will be stored for years on your company's servers.
    • If you change jobs - you will probably lose all access to your former company's email.

Free Email Accounts

Most free email providers provide this service through advertising. Another source for free email for some graduates are university mail servers. Professional organizations may also offer a free email account. These are often good choices as a backup for a second email. - - has description and reviews of many free email services. Some popular one are:

Access Email From Your Cable Company or ISP

Your ISP (e.g. cable company) provides email accounts. Access this email from a computer connected to the service, or any computer using a webmail interface. You set up the email account from your home. You will need to know the user ID and password to use webmail.

Sign Up For a Free Email Account

There are four steps to signe up for free email.

  1. Select an ID that has not been used before.
  2. Select a secure password.
  3. Answer security questions (used if you forget your password).
  4. Solve a CAPTCHA puzzle. (One or more words with distorted text over a busy background).

When you are successful, write down the ID and password! Read the welcome message waiting for you. Try your new account with a couple of friends.